Baby & Toddler Swim Lessons

Are you searching for swimming lessons for your baby? You have found the premier program for infant swim lessons. From 6 months of age this program covers it all. This program will equip your child with skills that are vital to being around or near the water. We teach water skills for life!

Caring Expertise:

Begin your child’s aquatic awareness with a few weeks of our expertise training and instruction. Our master instructor offers unsurpassed excellence in the area of infant and toddler swimming instruction.

Baby & Toddler Swim Programs Available:

Mother Duck (Parent and Tot) Swim Program

A program for babies and toddlers 4 months  – 2 years of age. Small group classes that run 30 min in length. This is a fun easy way for the parent and child to bond with an easy physical activity. Introducing swimming and water safety in a gentle setting. Working on how to hold your child in the water, kicks, bubbles and more while singing songs and playing games.


Summer 2018TimesStart DateEnd DateHoliday/Pool ClosedNumber of ClassesCost
Saturday11:10am-11:40am07-July18-Aug04-Aug6$72 (+tax)


Beginner Beginnings

For ages 2-4 years of age. This is a special programs for the child that is extremely shy or has had a bad experience in the water and needs extra assistance and encouragement. This is a 30 min semi private class where parents will come into the water with the child. Over the duration of the session each week the child will spend more time with the instructor as the child’s trust increases. The ultimate goal by the end of the session is for the child to be comfortable enough to join our regular swimming program.

Learn To Swim

For ages 2 and up. With a number of levels for all ages that will teach children and adults alike how to swim using a bio-mechanical approach. With a number of levels allowing us to break up the steps of the four main strokes making it easier for students to learn the most efficient and effective way.

Beginner Swimmers: Our first 4 levels ( Pre Beginner, Beginner, Advanced Beginner and Pre Junior Bronze) work on the foundation of swimming. Getting comfortable in the water, learning to float, glide and breath properly are the main goals of these levels. These classes are 20 min private lessons allowing the students to have the instructors undivided attention and ability to customize according to their individual needs.

Swim Academy Safety Swim Program (SASS)

This program is for children 6 months – 2 years of age. The program runs as 10 min private lessons 5 days a week for 4 weeks ( 20 classes). The purpose of this program is to teach children the necessities so that a child has the tools to be able to save themselves in a body of water.

Swim Academy Safety Swim Program (SASS) Maintenance

For students who are interested in the SASS program during months SASS is not offered OR those who have completed the SASS program and wish to work on maintaining and advancing these skills. This program is 10 min in length once a week and is taught by a SASS certified instructor.

Safety First! (then Fun..)

Watch this video of THE YUMMY MUMMY CLUB. After seeing the video clips of our master instructor working with children as young as 6 months old, you will see that your child can learn survival swimming in a private one on one setting.

You can see how skilled your child will become in our continuing swim classes. As well, you will understand why we are specialists in the field of infant and children’s aquatics. Isn’t it time for you to give your child the best program around in infant and toddler aquatics swimming lessons?

Give us a call now and get started! It will be the best decision you have ever made. Call us at 905-339-3000.