Swim Programs - Ages 12 to Adult

Learn to Swim

For ages 12 and up. With a number of levels for all ages that will teach children and adults alike how to swim using a bio-mechanical approach. With a number of levels allowing us to break up the steps of the four main strokes making it easier for students to learn the most efficient and effective way.

For the Beginner and Basic swimmers we place ages 12-Adult in 30 min semi private lessons during times that are generally later allowing for more space in the pool.

“Your adult classes are great. I am 72 years old that has tried unsuccessfully my whole life to learn how to swim. I have tried lessons everywhere and no one was able to get the job done. When I came to the Swim Academy, I learned to swim and was able to swim the length of the pool by myself in the second lesson. Your instructors are absolutely amazing!!”

-Mr. Connely

Swim Levels

See a full explanation and comparison of our swim levels here.

Beginner Swimmers: Our first 4 levels ( Pre Beginner, Beginner, Advanced Beginner and Pre Junior Bronze) work on the foundation of swimming. Getting comfortable in the water, learning to float, glide and breath properly are the main goals of these levels. T

Basic Swimmers: Our next 5 levels ( Pre Junior Silver, Pre Junior Gold, Junior Bronze, Junior Silver and Junior Gold) establish the technique, eendurance and strength of Front Crawl and Back Crawl. Concentrating on proper form, breathing and kick so that the student can safely get from point A to point B.

Advanced Swimmers (ages 12-16): The next 5 levels ( Intermediate Bronze, Intermediate Silver, Intermediate Gold, Senior Bronze and Senior Silver) Butterfly and Breast Stroke are now being introduced to improve stamina, and power in the four strokes. Once the student has mastered Senior Silver you can be confident that they are a good swimmer and will be fine in a recreational setting. These classes are all 40 min small group classes of 4.

Superstars (ages 12-16): The remaining levels ( Senior Gold, Master Bronze, Master Silver, Master Gold and Royal Olympic) are geared towards those who wish to improve their speed, strength and technique. Continuing with swimming is a great sport for a variety of reasons. Good health, physical activity, preparing to join a swim team, preparing to join an aquatic career and an opportunity to participate in a physical activity in a small group environment.  These classes are all 40 min small group classes of 4.

Stroke Development

This is a great program to improve swim skills. Gain strength and endurance as well as have the atmosphere of a swim team without the major costs and commitments that follow. A large team working on all 4 strokes, flip turns, starts, breathing pattern and more. You must be Intermediate Gold or higher to join this program.

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Triathlon Training (ages 15-Adult)

This is a program for teens and adults who are advanced swimmers or higher. Swimming is a great form of exercise that is easier on the joints than a typical gym work out, but burns major calories. Whether you are training for a full on Iron Man or wish to do a Try-a-Tri this program allows you to have fun make friends and get in a valuable work out.

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Leadership Programs (ages 13 -Adult)

Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and Swim Instructors certificates are all programs to assist in advancing in a career in the aquatic field. Great additions to any resume and for some jobs a requirement.

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First Aid Programs (ages 11-Adult)

With a variety of first aid programs to choose from including but not limited to Standard First Aid, Family first aid workshops, Babysitters programs, Stay home alone program and more.

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