Summer Accelerated Swim Programs

With many programs to offer allowing your child to have fun and get the added advantage. Did you know taking lessons every day has an enormous impact on how much your child retains? This is a great opportunity to keep everyone busy, active and learning.

Summer Jump Start Program

 DaysStart DateEnd DateTimesHoliday /
Pool Closed
Number of
Summer Jump Start
MON-WED24-Jun26-Jun9:00am-2:00pm3$85.50 (+tax)


How our Summer Swimming Lessons Work 

All beginner Programs are 20 minute private lessons 

(Pre-Beginner, Beginner, Advanced Beginner and Pre Junior Bronze) 

All Moderate Swimmer are 30 minute Semi-Private lessons 

(Pre-Junior Silver, Pre-Junior Gold, Junior Bronze, Junior Silver, Junior Gold) 

All Advanced Swimmer are 40 minute group classes of 4 

(Intermediate Bronze and higher) 

All lessons above are the same price 

We offer all levels throughout the time periods below. Please let us know the days and times you are available, and we would be happy to arrange classes for all your children to be at or close to the same time.

How to read the Summer Schedule

Sessions A,B,C and D are Monday-Friday programs. We offer these programs every 2 weeks between July and August

Sessions E,H, and I are 2x a week programs. You will note there is an added option for T/Th in July as an *extra, these classes can be arranged however you MAY have to adjust times or have different instructors ( we will try to accommodate as best we can). For this inconvenience you will see a 5% discount if you choose this option.

Sessions F, G and J are 1x a week programs that run for a set number of weeks.

We hope the variety of options will allow many of you to find a schedule that fits your summer schedule best.

DaysStart DateEnd DateTimesHoliday /
Pool Closed
Number of
AMON-FRI02-Jul12-Jul8:00am-2:00pm01-Jul9$254.25 (+tax)
BMON-FRI15-Jul26-Jul8:00am-2:00pm10$282.50 (+tax)
CMON-FRI29-Jul9-Aug8:00am-2:00pm05-Aug9$254.25 (+tax)
DMON-FRI12-Aug23-Aug8:00am-2:00pm10$282.50 (+tax)
EM/W03-Jul31-Jul2:00pm-8:30pm9$254.25 (+tax)
FTue only02-Jul30-Jul2:00pm-8:30pm5$141.25 (+tax)
GThur only04-Jul01-Aug2:00pm-8:30pm5$141.25 (+tax)
Extra Option
* See note above
T/TH02-Jul01-Aug2:00pm-8:30pm10$268.38 (+tax)
HM/W07-Aug28-Aug2:00pm-8:30pm05-Aug7$197.75 (+tax)
IT/TH06-Aug29-Aug2:00pm-8:30pm8$226.00 (+tax)
JSAT06-Jul24-Aug8:00am-2:00pm03-Aug7$197.75 (+tax)