Specialty Swimming Programs

Stroke Development, Triathlon Training & Private Coaching

Stroke Development

Is your child interested in becoming a better swimmer? Is your child becoming bored in swim classes? Does your child need to be challenged more?

This is a great program to improve swim skills. Gain strength and endurance as well as have the atmosphere of a swim team without the major costs and commitments that follows



SessionDaysTimeStart DateEnd DateHolidays (No Class)Number of ClassesRecommended PrerequisitesCost
Test Dates to see which level is bestSaturday 9:00am-11:am (10min try out)September 15If can not attend other arrangements can be made1FREE
School Year 2018-2019
Bronze Level
Stroke Development BronzeSunday6:30pm-7:30pmSeptember 16 2018December 16 2018October 713Introduction to Stroke Development
IG or Higher
$338 (+HST)
Stroke Development BronzeSunday6:30pm-7:30pmJanuary 6 2019March 3 20199Introduction to Stroke Development
IG or Higher
$234 (+HST)
Stroke Development BronzeSunday6:30pm-7:30pmMarch 17 2019June 23 2019April 2114Introduction to Stroke Development
IG or Higher
$364 (+HST)
Silver Level
Stroke Development SilverThursday7:50pm-8:50pmSeptember 27 2018June 13 2019December 20, December 27, January 3,
January 10,
March 14,
34Master Bronze or higher, or have previously been in SD$884 (+HST)
Gold Level
Stroke Development GoldWednesday7:50pm-8:50pmSeptember 26 2018June 12 2019December 19, December 26, January 2,
January 9,
March 13,
34Must try out
Recommend having been in SD before or similar
$884 (+HST)

Bronze: Must be IG or higher from lessons program, goes through basic drills for a pre-competitive program in all 4 strokes, gets participants comfortable with “circle” swimming and works on the efficiency of their stroke

Silver: Must be SG or higher from our lessons program. For previous Stroke Development Swimmers who can swim 6 lengths in 3:30 min with efficient front crawl. Work on/ introduce to flip turns and work on more complex drills

Gold: For Strong Swimmers who are looking for stroke technique improvements for competitive and non competitive programs alike. Aiming to lower their swim times, have a strong workout and can assist with other sports demands. Must be MG or higher from our lessons program and must try out.

Triathlon Training

Are you looking for a program that focuses on your strength and endurance in open water? Are you looking for a way to get fit, be held accountable and have fun? Swimming is a great form of exercise that is easier on the joints than a typical gym work out, but burns major calories. Whether you are training for a full on Iron Man or wish to do a Try-a-Tri this program allows you to have fun make friends and get in a valuable work out.


Session DayTimeStart DateEnd DateHoliday's ( No Classes ) # of ClassesCost
Triathlon 2018-2019Monday8:30 pm-9:30pmSeptember 24 2018May 6 2019October 8
December 24
December 31
February 18
March 11
April 22
27$702 (+HST)

Private Swim Coaching

Are you or your child struggling with a specific stroke or swimming skill? Our top instructors which have been hand picked by their level of expertise, ability to connect with the student, and seniority in our company. They are available to work with you and your child to overcome challenges, make custom work outs and have the flexibility your family needs.

Our instructors each have their own expertise with various experience with children with special needs, adult beginners as well as competitive swim team. Let us help you find an instructor that will work well with your family and their specific needs. You will make a schedule between you and your instructor to keep the consistency needed and allow for the flexibility that you can not find elsewhere.

Booking your instructors time means you may have siblings in the same class at no additional cost, however we recommend to have no more than 2 students in a class to make sure you get all of the benefits with this program that you need and deserve. You can book as single classes, packages of 5 or 10. Call us today at (905) 339-3000 to help set up a program for you today.