Specialty Swimming Programs

Stroke Development, Triathlon Training & Private Coaching

Stroke Development

Is your child interested in becoming a better swimmer? Is your child becoming bored in swim classes? Does your child need to be challenged more?

This is a great program to improve swim skills. Gain strength and endurance as well as have the atmosphere of a swim team without the major costs and commitments that follows



Bronze: Must be IG or higher from lessons program, goes through basic drills for a pre-competitive program in all 4 strokes, gets participants comfortable with “circle” swimming and works on the efficiency of their stroke

Silver: Must be SG or higher from our lessons program. For previous Stroke Development Swimmers who can swim 6 lengths in 3:30 min with efficient front crawl. Work on/ introduce to flip turns and work on more complex drills

Gold: For Strong Swimmers who are looking for stroke technique improvements for competitive and non competitive programs alike. Aiming to lower their swim times, have a strong workout and can assist with other sports demands. Must be MG or higher from our lessons program and must try out.