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School Year 2020-2021 Schedule

School Year 2020-2021Start DateEnd DateNo Class
September 2020September 12thNovember 6thOctober 11-12 (thanksgiving)
November 2020November 7thDecember 22nd
January 2021January 10thMarch 13thFebruary 13-15, ( family day)
March 2021March 26thJune 16April 2-5 ( Easter),
May 22-24 ( Victoria Weekend)

Please call or email us to have your inner shark ready to swim!

(905) 339-3000


There are a few major changes you may notice for the upcoming school year.

Children ages 2-3  will only have the option to be in  20 min private lessons.

We feel this is the safest way for the younger swimmers to gain confidence, skill, and knowledge in a safe warm environment with a class that can be customized to their individual needs.

Students ages 4 and up will have a variety of options to pick from to meet your family’s needs while keeping our collective number of people limited in the facility for precautionary measures. You may be surprised to see that there are options of more kids in a class if you prefer however we have limited the number of classes drastically allowing more space for each class for appropriate distancing.

          • Levels PB – JG there is an option of 30 min private lessons or 30 min semi-private lessons
          • Levels IB – RO there are options of 30 min private lessons, 30 min semi-private lessons, 40-minute private lessons, 40-minute semi-private lessons, or 40 min groups of 4

The second major change is you will notice we have lengthened most of our sessions. Instead of 5 sessions over the school year, we are now running over 4 sessions. This will allow the same teacher to work with your child longer and help them advance at a quicker rate due to their customized plans. Despite there being fewer sessions we will still be advancing the students as they pass their levels so they are never held back.

The third major change: Makeup lessons. We do not wish for anyone to feel uncomfortable coming to our program if they are concerned someone else is coming when they are unwell. With advance notice, we will have 2 make up classes per session that will not expire before the end of the school year regardless of which session they are from. If you are going to be missing more than 2 classes we will work with you on an individual level and come up with a plan that will suit you and your family. We will add more information about make up classes when we send your reminder email out before each session.

Due to Provincial Wide shut down these classes are currently on hold. If you wish to register for space please feel free to contact us. We will adjust the prices to match the remaining number of classes.

March 2021Times Classes
are Offered
Start DateEnd DateNo Class# of
Monday3:40 pm-8:00 pmMar. 29 2021Jun. 14 2021Apr. 5, May 2410
Tuesday7:00 am-8:00 pmMar. 30 2021Jun. 15 202112
Wednesday7:00 am-8:00 pmMar. 31 2021Jun. 16 202112
Thursday3:30 pm-7:00 pmApr. 1 2021Jun. 10 202111
Friday3:30 pm-8:00 pmMar. 26 2021Jun. 11 2021Apr. 211
Saturday8:00 am-5:00 pmMar. 27 2021Jun. 12 2021Apr. 3, May 2210
Sunday11:00 am-5:00 pmMar. 28 2021Jun. 13 2021Apr. 4, May 2310


If you are looking to register for our Summer 2021 program please feel free to look at the schedule HERE.