You have seen this sign before, every pool you go to: “No street shoes allowed on pool deck”. But do you know why it is there? We at The Swim Academy do everything we can to ensure you and your child’s safety.

We do everything we can to ensure dirt, salt, outdoor debris and other is not tracked into the pool area. If you or your child prefer to have your feet covered on the pool deck we recommend sandals or crocs. You may see some of our Deck Supervisors in pool deck only sneakers. Going barefoot is completely acceptable however there are two benefits to having your feet covered by using footwear: safety and foot health.

We have heard horror stories at other facilities where glass has been brought onto a pool deck through someone’s shoes and then a child later slip on the deck and cut their leg.

We ask that everyone in our OSA family continue to follow the facility rules and guidelines to help keep everyone safe and happy.