Frequently Asked Questions





Where are you located?

Our location is 407 Speers Road, Unit 8. Back of the Goodwill and beside the Rona.

Is your pool saltwater or chlorine?

Our pool is saltwater based; however, all pools will have a degree of chlorine in them.

What temperature is your pool?

Temperature of our pool is 88 Degrees.

Are parents allowed on deck?

There is a designated viewing area for swimmers and ask that parents only be on deck at the beginning or end of lessons.

Why should lessons be taken all year?

It is best to maintain swimming lessons all year to maintain continued growth, strength and confidence in swimming skills. If too long of a period has gone between swimming lessons, there is a potential of regression and lost skills, growth and reduced confidence.

How do I register?

Registration can be completed via phone call, email or in person.

Cancellation Policy?

A cancellation fee of $50 is applied for any classes that are cancelled within one (1) week plus a day of the session beginning.

What if the session has already started?

Should you wish to cancel once lessons have begun, the cancellation fee will be applied as well as any fee for classes that have been provided whether attended or absent from.  


If you would like to register once the session has begun and there is an available class, you will only be charged for the remaining classes in the session

How old do you have to be to start?

Our regular program begins at the age of 2 years old, however we also offer Parent & Tot classes.

What program do you follow?

We have our own program that was developed in 1993 when we first opened by a National and Olympic Level Coach. Since then, we continue to improve and develop the program to ensure that our swimmers continuously receive the best.

What if we miss a class?

We provide two (2) make-up classes per session, with all make-up classes needed to be taken before the end of June

Can I change a lesson if time doesn’t work?

Yes, a transfer of lessons can be completed should there be a spot available.

How much do lessons cost?

Depending on the session and the number of classes in that session, size of class you choose the pricing can vary. Please call us or email us to get current pricing. 

Can lessons be cancelled, weather?

Yes, should it be deemed that it be unsafe for families to be out on the road there may be a potential of classes being cancelled. Also, there could be times that there may have been an incident of a pool fouling that will cause the cancellation of classes.  

For any reason that OSA determines that classes will be cancelled a make-up class will be offered and this class does not go against our Make-Up Policy.

What is the policy if my child is crying or has a bad experience?

There are times when your child may cry and that can be due to nerves, other bad experiences, shyness etc. We see it often and at OSA, if a child is crying, the Deck Supervisor will help and give your child the one-on-one attention they need. In some situations where your child really can’t stop crying to get your attention, we’ll let you know that it might be time to watch from our viewing area and that will allow you to watch the lesson from where you can’t be seen.  

Should there be another reason for the bad experience, please speak with our Deck Supervisor or our Front Desk staff so that options can be discussed to ensure that going forward there is only a positive experience.

What do I need to bring to lessons?

A bathing suit and towel are the essentials for lessons. Goggles can be used should your child need them or may be recommended by the instructor. For anyone with long hair it is recommended that it be pulled back from the face.

Can I take pictures of my child during swimming lessons?

No, due to privacy regulations pictures can not be taken during lessons.

How do I pay for lessons?

Payment can be made via Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard), Debit, E-transfer or Cash.

Can I request an instructor?

We allow the option to request an instructor, however, cannot guarantee requests can be filled. Requests that can be filled are done on a first come first serve basis.

Will my child have the same instructor for each session?

We can not guarantee that a swimmer will have the same instructor for each session. Requests can be made but we can not guarantee the request.

Are your staff vaccinated against COVID-19?

Due to privacy regulations, we are unable to mandate our staff to get vaccinated and we are unable to inquire as to whether or not they are.

We would like to reassure you that we are implementing a robust vaccine strategy with our staff team, including testing, screening, and encouraging our staff to be vaccinated.
Due to the nature of our company where we primarily work with children who are unable to be vaccinated our staff will still continue our Covid policies including still wearing face shields while instructing their classes to add another layer of protection between themselves and the students regardless of their status.

What is OSA doing to keep the facility clean?

In order to ensure that all our staff, students and families are safe we continue to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety standards.  Individual change rooms are assigned to families upon arrival and are cleaned and sanitized after every use . Our facility common areas are cleaned continuously throughout the day including high traffic areas, all door handles, chairs, toilets, tables, etc.

The use of pool equipment and toys used during a lesson are cleaned and disinfected after each use and will not be put back into rotation until done so.

Once a week our facility receives a deep cleaning and sanitization.

All toys have been removed and the play area has been closed to prevent the spread of germs.

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility and will be mandatory upon entry.

What is OSA doing to ensure social distancing?

Swimmers and family members are asked to stay the required distance apart from others. We have limited seating in the viewing area that has been spaced the necessary distance to ensure safety protocols. Only one family in the restroom at a time.  Entry and exit from the facility has been changed to reduce unnecessary gathering and provide an easier flow for families.