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About The Swim Academy

The Swim Academy has been family owned and operated since it was founded in 1993, and has taught thousands of children how to swim in the Oakville, Mississauga and Ancaster areas in a professional and innovative environment. Our quality instruction is based on our advanced swimming curriculum which helps your child succeed while building confidence through the mastery of swimming skills. Our dedicated staff and instructors are there to help your children reach their fullest swimming potential.  Swimming Lessons The Swim Academy is known in Oakville for its small class sizes, warm salt water pool and our friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating staff.  Our well trained and award-winning swimming instructors have delivered high quality premium lessons since 1993.

Meet Our Team


Kelsey is the current General Manager of Oakville Swim Academy. She handles the daily operations of The Academy  She has been with the company for over 6 years she is committed to making the best swimming experience possible. With a competitive background Kelsey continues to introduce new programs here at Oakville Swim Academy. In her free time Kelsey loves photography and playing with her two dogs.    


Amber has been a client at the Oakville Swim Academy for over 5 years. The experience Amber’s family has had has been wonderful and so she decided to work here!  It has been a joy to have Amber apart of our team. She strives to bring the team together to ensure that your child has the best experience possible. Amber loves to hear about your time at the Oakville Swim Academy and encourage you to share with her online, in person or by email.

When not at work Amber is a member of her children’s school Parent Council, but most importantly is a mother to two wonderful, lively, caring children and wife to the most incredible husband. Like most parents she spends time in after school activities and enjoying
togetherness as a family may it be indoors or out.

Hope to see you soon!


Simon is the current Aquatic Leadership Director and Training Systems Coordinator of Oakville Swim Academy. From working with municipalities to Universities Simon has extensive knowledge in recreation management. Simon looks after the entire Leadership Department of Oakville Swim Academy. A current Provincial Trainer with the Lifesaving Society he has a passion for making the next generation of Lifesavers, Lifeguards, Instructors and Examiners. As well Simon is responsible for all of the training programs of our Instructors, making sure our Swim Instructors are the best around! He strives for professional development and is thankful he is able to work with such a talented team. In his free time, he loves poetry, taking long walks on the beach and playing the violin.


Tavia has been with the company since 2006. Loving watching the students grow, achieve and excel in the sport of swimming has been a huge motivator for her. Having background in Competitive Diving meant that growing up she lived, ate, breathed in the pool it felt at times. In her past time she loves spending time with her daughter and helping out in the community. If you are looking for more information in advertising and promoting Tavia is the one to speak with.


Social Media Guru with Phillage Consulting and Staff Function / Motivational Speaker / Coordinator.

Diego + Shannon

Diego and Shannon are our HEAD Supervisors. They both manage the staff and the pool deck to make sure classes are running smoothly and every child is being challenged.

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