About Us & Our Team

About The Swim Academy

The Swim Academy has been family owned and operated since it was founded in 1993, and has taught thousands of children how to swim in the Oakville, Mississauga and Ancaster areas in a professional and innovative environment. Our quality instruction is based on our advanced swimming curriculum which helps your child succeed while building confidence through the mastery of swimming skills. Our dedicated staff and instructors are there to help your children reach their fullest swimming potential.  Swimming Lessons The Swim Academy is known in Oakville for its small class sizes, warm salt water pool and our friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating staff.  Our well trained and award-winning swimming instructors have delivered high quality premium lessons since 1993.

Meet Our Team


Our upbeat GM who loves to assist anyone who walks through our door. She also has two dogs.


Senior Manager, One of our longest standing employees. He knows the ins and outs of the business. Loves to care for our weekend clientele. May or may not have a dog.


Has a fan club with all of our students. One of our most loved Deck Supervisors that assists everyone’s needs on deck. From getting to class on time, to making sure everyone is learning in a positive and fun environment. Never met a dog he didn’t like.


Hates dogs…. maybe…

Queen of our daytime desk. She keeps everything organized so we can serve you best!


Our leadership director. Keeping all of our First Aid , Leadership and Instructors courses in tip top shape. If you are looking to become qualified to get a job with us speak to this man and he will help get you started! Also he saw a dog once.


Best friends with the princess of the sea. The person to contact for promotional and marketing purposes. Would replace the entire staff with dogs if she could.


Social Media Guru with Phillage Consulting and Staff Function / Motivational Speaker / Coordinator. Sometimes he likes to pet dogs.


Training Manager, bringing all of our staff to their fullest potential to better serve our clients. She really wants a dog.

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